Eshopoly Ultimate update that will bring family and friends together to Buy and Sell

Shopping is something we do out of a need to have something, but its also something we do for fun! We have promised all our customer that we had something great in store for them and now it's here.


It's finally here, quite an emotional moment for us as we destroyed everything you did not like to build something that you will love. 

Over the past two years, we listened and we watched how you interacted with us. What we found out, is that over 99% of our customers started with a conversation, as such we got more sales agent and tell taught them the love we have for you our customers.

As time went by we knew exactly what we needed to do. Empower You! Yes! That's indeed correct you can sell to your friends using the same conversation strategy. But that's no fun, right? Yeah, we thought of that too.  That is why we are giving you everything you need to make it a blast! Share Stories, Quotes pics, play games watch movies and much more!

Why because we are not a marketplace, we are eShopoly!