Start earning a little extra cash for yourself and family each day

For over two years we have annalized ways in which you can earn a little extra online, we did it our self and have created a system for you to do it even easier.


The typical way we earn money is to pull in a regular salary for performing a job (or two, or three). However, there are other ways that you can increase your income without taking on a second job. For example, you could develop passive income streams or make money from your hobbies. All of these methods require some effort up front, but they might be more fun than working overtime. And if you're successful, you can reduce the number of hours you work while earning even more money.

Ask yourself what you enjoy doing in your spare time. What are your very favorite hobbies and activities? If you have a blast doing it, you won't think of it as "work," even if it is bringing in money. Think carefully about how you spend your evenings and weekends. Then think about how nice it would be if someone paid you to do what you love most. Some examples of potentially lucrative hobbies include:

  • Fixing computers
  • Playing music
  • Photography
  • Knitting or crocheting
  • Woodworking
  • Writing and blogging
  • Painting
  • Making candles 
  • Making soaps

Make a list of who might benefit from your hobby. While we think of hobbies as private affairs, there are many ways that a hobby can benefit others. Think about what kind of benefit your hobby might bring to the world, and consider whether someone might pay for the service. Some possible people who might benefit are:

  • Advertisers. For instance, If you become a beauty or fashion vlogger with a wide-reaching audience, advertisers and sponsors might pay you to keep generating content or give you free products to feature.
  • Students. If your hobby is one that other people wish to learn, you might find someone to pay you to teach them.
  • Customers. If your hobby leads to a product or service, you might find some customers who will pay for what you have made, grown, or built.